Saturday, September 4, 2010

Abundance - spiritual definition

When I hear the word 'abundance' it brings the vision of plenty. Lots and lots of money, large home, beautiful cars - things. In reality though Abundance is about the sense of satisfaction that comes from what we do have. For some this satisfaction may come from what they already have and for others it may never be attainable. Abundance is a state of mind. The more we choose to be satisfied the less things we need. It is not things and money rather it is our personal sense of gratitude and generosity that brings us a sense of abundance.

This is very similar to the idea of faith. One has faith on ones Spiritual Teacher and God. This is not about the ritualistic prayers offered to them or chanting their name. It is more about the strength this faith gives us in ourself. It is said that with faith one can walk over the ocean. The Guru or God Incarnate does not help us walk over water physically - one can do it because one has put complete faith that they can - whatever the reason. It is a state of mind.

So also with abundance. The more satisfied and grateful we are for what we have the more abundant we feel, the more abundant we become. No thing can ever make us feel abundant - things make us feel proud and give us a sense of achievement that lasts for a short time. Someone else always has more or something different and we now want that. Striving to have things and keep them takes away from the enjoyment of the journey to get them and also takes away from the joy once we do possess them. It is good to work towards a goal knowing that there is a chance that we will achieve great things - but it is important that we put our complete attention to the task at hand rather than on the expectation of results and enjoy doing it to its fullest. The result is then a lot more satisfying and lasting.

People who do what they love never tire. They are always energetic, achieve more and are happier. They are not working at all - they are simply living life to its full potential and having fun in the bargain. What others refer to as work is really play for them. Watch scientists, artists and writers who have passion for their art and enjoy every moment they spend on it. Success and joy seems to cling to them. People in the same profession who work to earn name, fame and money seem to struggle with life inspite of achieving their goals. They need the help of drugs, alcohol and other agents to keep them going - they are miserable and depressed and are looking for joy elsewhere.

No matter what we are seeking in life, it is all a state of mind. Things, people, relationships are not what life is about. Life is about knowing oneself. Life is about feeling Love, Peace, Abundance, Wellbeing and Oneness first and then developing relationships and working and living in the world. We tend to go about it in the opposite direction. No matter how long we live and how many relationships and friends we have and how much money we make unless we are loving, peaceful, giving, caring and inclusive we cannot feel joyful, happy and abundant.

Abundance - redefined.

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