Saturday, July 2, 2016


She personifies pure love, they say.
A mother is a mother at the end of the day.
She loves whole heartedly
Protects unreservedly,
Mother never gives up on your dreams,
Each time you win, her face is in beams.

She personifies wisdom, they tell me.
Mother knows you in and out, you see.
She will practice more than preach
For she knows that is how to teach.
Mother is always by you when you fail,
She will put you right back on the trail.

She personifies friendship, I am told.
A mother knows when to no longer hold.
She is watching you, for sure, from afar,
Her love, her wisdom your guiding star.
Mother - in the background as she applauds,
Your goals, your medals and your awards.

Tell me y'all, is motherhood above humanity?
She must personify strong character and integrity.
She needs to love more than just her blood,
Someone who cares for all beings in this world.
Woman must first be a true human at heart,
Only then can she play a mother’s part.

I know of women who are selfish and unkind.
Having children only to leave them behind.
These women make not good mothers
They must grow up before they raise others.
Women, please love yourself as a whole
Before you mother an untouched soul.

The pain of a neglected child goes deep,
The nightmares overtake adulthood sleep,
Some slip down a slope so steep
They tumble into an untimely junk heap.
Child, raise yourself above the hurt
It can be done, just be ever alert!

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