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A Cleaned Mirror

I have had friends tell me that being around me brings a sense of calmness and peace within them. Then there are some who are intimidated by my presence and would rather not be around me. Maybe I only reflect what is within those around me.

Some who had placed me on a pedestal have since dropped me from it and I can see the reason why. My actions and words reflect my recognition of their deceptions and that was hard for them to accept. I forgive them for betraying my trust but choose to be more careful with them. They are uncomfortable speaking to me even though we are miles apart and yet I take a keen interest in their wellbeing.

Thinking back to my younger days I can appreciate this refusal to acknowledge wrong doing but I know now that any mistakes made in life must be acknowledged to ensure that such errors not be made again. Continuing to defend a wrong leads to the perpetration of more wrong doing. The only way to break that cycle is to acknowledge and admit the error so as to …