Monday, May 21, 2012

You are Divine

Man is the human manifestation of divinity. Therefore the potential to behave divinely is inherent in each of us. We are capable of portraying everything that is good and productive. Our power of speech is a way for us to express our inner strength and quality, just as much as our actions are. When we align our actions and our words we have the best opportunity to portray our true self.
As I read, watch and hear about the events all around the world I sometimes wonder if somehow, somewhere we humans decided that knowing or manifesting our divinity was not worth it. Then perchance I meet someone or read about someone who is a true reflection of divinity and realize that it is not the world that is not aligned - it is I! I choose to give my sight, my ears, my mind to the negative influences and in the process lose sight of this divine world!
FB, e-mails, news, TV serials, movies, and more is a perfect platform to showcase what is beautiful and yet 90% of the time there is either negative or even useless nonsensical topics being showcased! I wonder why news about a movie star gaining weight after childbirth is a topic of discussion? Why? - because people are watching, reading, listening to and discussing it. The days on which I am less in touch with people and media and more in touch with myself I find myself appreciating ever aspect of every experience! All around me there is no lack, only opportunity; there is no failure, only striving for success; there is no evil, only an attempt to do good. 
I am part of an organization that is raising awareness about the plight of the poor in India and it heartens me to see that more and more of such organizations are cropping up and that many, if not all, are honestly tackling different aspects of life that make it possible for those less fortunate to change their lives one day at a time! Yes money is tight and yes many family and friends are not helping out - but the few who are helping are making a positive impact. It is not about quantity - are we changing the life of 5000 or of 5 is not what matters - what really matters is that the 5 we are serving are doing better and have more opportunities! They will successfully walk out of a lack-centric life into an opportunity-centric one! Would it not be better if we could help 5000? Sure it would but let me not lose sight of the fact that each person is the microcosm of the Universe and when one small change happens it impacts us all - including me!
I know of a young man who was determined to be a successful business owner and struggled hard for many years only to lose a lot of money and time in the process of ‘settling down.’ But the life lessons he learned in the span of about 8 years has made him a better, stronger, more balanced person than when he began the journey. There was no failure there - for even if he did not reach the goal of owning an island at 30 - he has recognized that his richness comes from his capacity to be happy from the inside out! His material dreams may have shrunk - but his joyfulness and his capacity to care has given him a taste of success that is clearly visible to me! 
I see stories about social injustices by powerful people and they are horrific. It is unfortunate that so many of us are suffering at the hands of unscrupulous people - but there are many amongst us who stand by others and fight against injustices! It is because we have lost touch with our inner self that many do not stand up for what is right. We as parents and the older generation owe it to our next generation to re-connect with our inner being and bring out the best from within us! We preach goodness to our children but we do not practice goodness. When we see an injustice we walk away - we have to be responsible for the world becoming a more prosperous compassionate one - and the only way to do so is by getting involved. We have to broaden our outlook - we have to think of more than me and mine - only then will we leave an even better world for our children and grand-children. We owe it to them! The bad influences are there but they instigate the good to act too!
This is a beautiful world and the more we look at what is bountiful, what is good, what is beautiful the more we will surround ourselves with abundance, goodness and beauty and the better this world will be. With it though, we must also share this abundance, this goodness, this beauty by expressing gratefulness, generosity and gentleness. It is inherent in us to be divine and it does not take much effort to be so. A smile, a kind word, a helping hand is all it takes!

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