Thursday, June 17, 2010

God Realization

Realizing God - that is considered the purpose of human life by many. What is realizing God really? Who is God? Where is He? Why do I need to realize Him? After everything I have to go through on a daily basis to survive and for the upkeep of the family when am I going to make time to realize God? So many questions and few if any constructive answers. It is easier to continue to live life and forget about God Realization.

God Realization is a way of life. It does not require us to know the answers to any of the questions that come up. All that is necessary is the urge to take the first step. Inquiry. The questions are necessary - the answers are already known to each of us. We need to put our little self aside and reach into ourselves to reveal the Truth. It is the putting aside of the ego that is by far the most difficult.

As a child the urge is faint because we have only recently lost touch with God and have found our little selves and are hungry to know more about it. We see flashes of the spiritual being in little children and more often than not we ignore it, or reprimand the child, or joke about it. We do this because we are afraid. We do not want to see this aspect yet and so choose not to see it.

Life is so much fun as we are growing up. There is little time for spirituality. The world offers us so much sensual pleasures that thinking about spiritual growth never enters our mind. It is when we start slowing down and taking our own inventory that we realize that all the worldly pleasures are not enough. There is something missing. There is a level of stress attached to materialistic living that shows us the fallacy of seeking joy outside.

We have many possessions but do not feel abundant. We are in the midst of loving people but feel lonely. We have a large network of friends and family but feel disconnected. This, at first, pushes us towards acquiring more - things, friends, activities - but soon we realize that none of these fill the void. That is when the search begins. This is not related to age. It is a level of spiritual maturity and can come upon us at anytime. Just that as children and even young adults we are not independent enough to venture out of the world into the soul.

When we first feel the need to fill the void within is when God re-Realization begins. We discover that God is not out there. No man, no idol, no symbol, no ritual, no book holds God for us. God is in us. We are in God. God is not someone who blesses us or punishes us nor is he responsible for our destiny. It is with this acknowledgement that God Realization moves forward. Knowing what God is not is just as important as knowing what He really is.

Think positive. Attract abundance. Pray. All good advice but not enough. This acceptance is the next step to God Realization. The innate knowledge that I am a reflection of God can be very humbling. All the books and spiritual teachers talk about knowing oneself. Why? What good is that going to do me? It is only when I know myself that I know my own power to shape my destiny. I have read and heard that negative thoughts bring negative results and positive thoughts bring positive results. But can any one claim that this alone works one hundred percent of the time? I doubt it. There is another step that needs to be taken to guarantee results. Even if you think negative and this motivates you to take fearless positive action you will succeed in getting positive results. The actions you take are just as important if not more important than the thoughts. You can think about scoring a goal in a game but unless you physically execute the goal it will not happen. That is the law of the material world. The key to realizing God too lies in here. The opportunities we need to achieve anything is already present - what is lacking is our capacity to recognize them. It is through courage that we get insight and with insight that we take action and with action that we achieve. This is the path to be followed in achieving anything including self realization. Unless we surrender to the idea that we are potentially God how can we be courageous?

Thought and action in the moment. Action with an eye on the goal will not guarantee success. Thought and action with an eye on this moment and then the acceptance of the consequence of that thought and action is what God Realization is really about. When we have no fear of consequences because we are willing to be accountable - fully - for our own actions independent of what others are doing within that same thought and action is the moment when we have tapped into our greatest power and that is what God Realization is really about. It is as if the inner light has finally found a way out. It lights the way as we carry on living in the material world. Things, people, events - everything loses their power over us. We are overcome by a sense of peace and stresslessness. There is no answer out there it is all in us and has always been there. Books and teachers just keep the inquiry alive - a major aspect of God realization. But unless we can step into the realm of our own spirit, God cannot be realized. The miracle of life is not God Realization. The miracle of life is that we all survive in the material world inspite of being so alienated from ourselves. This is possible only because each of us knows who we are - we just acknowledge it at different times and use different methods.

Losing the little 'I' paves the way to finding the real I. Living with gusto in the moment is the best way to put the little I aside. For as long as this ego is ruling us we cannot bow our heads and see ourselves. When we do not let the ego rule us is when we get glimpses of the God within. The longer you can stay focused on the moment (not thinking about the past memories or anticipating future results) the faster you can find your own center. Once you have found it and established yourself in it life becomes blissful. Nothing you hear, see or experience can push your buttons. There comes a sense of mental stability that makes life what it is meant to be - a journey homeward. Where is home? Where Love, Peace, Abundance, Wellbeing and Oneness resides. Where Silence speaks and Light is our companion. Where nothingness is everything and death is a continuation of life. Where there is no beginning and no end. Home is unending bliss.

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