Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Finding Inner Peace

The sounds of this world are beautiful. Be they ones that nature is creating or the ones that people are making. Sound is a form of Brahman and so is perfect in itself. It is upto the listener to feel that perfection. As I sit here writing I can see the people on the roof of the homes that are coming up right in my back yard. They are hammering and stapling, as they yell out at one another. As I listen to the music of "Om" playing inside my home these sounds all seem to be harmonizing with one another today and so I stop to think why I was unable to write as these same sounds were so jarring yesterday. Clearly it is not the sounds themselves - rather something in my listening that is making the difference.

I am more at peace today - the pain in my foot is better and I am more in my mind today - I was more in my foot yesterday. That is how simple finding inner peace is. Bring the mind into a moment of peace and find peace in the moment. A moment of pain is just as real as a moment of peace and so remaining in my foot yesterday seemed like the best thing to do. The issue lies in the fact that I was unable to find the peace in the pain.

Accepting pain instead of resisting it is how I can find peace even in pain. I was in no mood to accept the pain since I blamed myself for not taking good care of my foot. If only I had secured my ankle in the strap before walking into the store I could have avoided the agony. To look beyond that fact was hard. Next time I find myself in a similar situation I must try to come into the moment of acceptance of what is, so I can find that inner peace even in the midst of discomfort.

Hurt feelings are a more common place thing and overcoming this pain is harder than overcoming the physical pain. To accept emotional pain I must look within. Blaming others for emotional pain of any kind comes naturally to me. He said this, she did this, they ignored me, and on and on and on. That is when understanding perspectives becomes very important. Even if I do not understand the perspective of others I must learn to accept that there are perspectives other than my own. That is the reality of duality. I must find peace not just by forgiving but by accepting my limitation of comprehension of the enormity of all possibilities. Often there may be nothing to forgive or I may have no idea of what I am supposed to forgive. All I need to do is accept that I do not understand the perspective of all.

Inner peace leads to inner silence which makes it possible to come into this moment with harmony. Then everything our senses do are in harmony too. The mind is clear to think creatively rather than going into the cycle of repetition of the same sixty thousand thoughts of the past. Sielnce is the gap between the sounds and when I am at peace that gap is what I 'hear' more than the sounds themselves. Silence then becomes just as beautiful as the sounds themselves.

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