Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Personal God

For years now I have a Personal God I meditate on. Thakur - I love Him dearly. God does not end in Him though. He had a body - He was born and He died. He chose to come down amongst us to guide us to get to that higher plane. He showed us that it is possible for man to get There - to show us that there is a higher plane. Different paths get us there. These paths could be purely religious or we can choose to get there living as a householder. He showed us that we are all divine beings in human form. We have choices to make and these choices determine the pace at which we can get to that higher plane.

As a householder - a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother I must fulfill my duties knowing that the day I leave this world behind all these relationships will be left behind too. The body or the mind is not responsible for building relationships it is the spirit that recognizes itself within the body of others and connects. So even if a distance is created between bodies and minds the connection is never lost. This connection clearly goes beyond the physical presence and so the relationship with my Personal God must be taken beyond Him. To remain stuck in the body of Thakur is easy as I idolise Him through a statue or a photograph. This makes it difficult to see God everywhere else. He is a perfect being in my eyes - has never ever done any wrong! So it is easy to love Him. How do I extend this love to all around me? I am constantly in judging mode with others. I love them because and often inspite of but it seems attached to a condition. The ego is busy doing its part creating this duality of them and me. To learn how to see only the Universal One is the key to Self Realization. Or is it the other way around?


  1. I feel it is the other way around.
    It saddens me though, to think that so many of us go through life without so much as a glimpse of our true selves! For that matter I too would have.... had I not been blessed with friends, thinkers and writers who turned up at the various turning points or shall I say 'turmoil points' in my life. - Rekha

  2. Don't be saddened my dear, spirituality is a personal, solo path. As each one of us walks through it we create a vortex that others get pulled into. That is what leads to more and more people joining this beautiful path. Lets do our part in all earnestness. Love you. Thanks for the comment.


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