Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Voice

I became a life. You held my hand and led me on.
The world separated us. You watched as I moved on.

Along the way 'I' took over from you. I slipped, tripped and often fell flat.
You wanted to tend to my bruises. I wriggled away like a brat.

The wounds festered within. Today's pain proves the folly of my past.
From what I learnt, I should have stayed holding on to you steadfast.

My life is Your Gift to my desires expressed. Then I was inseparable from You.
Wanting to experience your physical realm, I broke away, waving adieu.

Did I know with this body came a mind and this overpowering ego?
Did I still come into this world with so much bravado?

Why did You not warn me about the pain that comes with the pleasure?
You did? But my false self was blinded by the so called worldly treasure?

No regrets, You say. For without the tumultuous experience of this unreality,
The ego would never have known its own unavoidable mortality.

What, dear Lord, will remain in the event of my inevitable demise?
Nothing that the senses will ever be able to recognize.

Not even name, fame, blame or shame? None of this I can claim?
Give up this popularity game. In silence return whence you came.

Untouched by the realm of the spiteful, ego centered worldly debris,
You will return to your Self - silently sparkling in full Glory.

Back to Me where there is no pain, no stain, no hate, no pretense,
Back to the folds of Peace, Love, Wellbeing, and Abundance.

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